For Families

We provide different activities for family members, including various types of interest classes (such as sports, art, STEM, etc.), parent-child activities and various types of parent workshops.

Interest classes
Sports -Basketball, Football, Badminton, Bowling, Tennis, Bubble Football, Non-collision Rugby, Fitness, Fitness Ball, Mountain Art, Adventure, Training Camp, Field Orientation, etc.

Creative Training -- STEM (Mobile Programming, Robotics, etc.), Social Innovation, Design Thinking LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY®

Other interest classes -- table manners, image design, model, makeup, personal image design, orchestra, band music, percussion, strings, dance, parent-child dance, Chinese drums, piano, violin, calligraphy, paper cutting, etc.

Family Support Service
As children grow up, parents and children often encounter many challenges. Therefore, we would organise various exchange activities and courses such as game therapy, music therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and horticultural treatment to support the needs of parents and children.

Family activities
We are convinced that parents play a very important role in the development of their children. Therefore, we will organize different kinds of parent-child activities to enhance mutual relationships and enjoy happy times together!

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